Date: August 3-6, 2000
Place: Pro Skate USA Arena
Event: SFX All-Star Figure Skating Fantasy Camp
Camp Directors: Rocky Marval and Jim Fair.
Skaters: Alexei Urmanov, Tai Bablionia and Randy Gardner, Elizabeth Punsalon and Jerod Swallow, Elizabeth Manley, Laurent Tobel, Charlie Tickner, Jozef Sabovcik, Mandy Woetzel and Ingo Steurer, Tonia Kwiatowski, Tiffany Chin, Carol Heiss Jenkins, Amy Webster, and Rocky Marval.
Adult skater: Claudyne Cassella Hutchinson

The typical question that is often asked this time of year is how did you spend your summer vacation? As an adult who wanted to have my dream come true, I accomplished that the weekend of August 3-6 in South Brunswick, New Jersey at the brand new Pro Skate USA Ice Arena. I was enrolled for camp, the SFX All-Star Figure Skating Fantasy Camp!

Memorable moments from SFX Figure Skating Fantasy Camp:
* Claiming our own Adult Dressing Room courtesy of Dotty!
* Listening to Carol Heiss Jenkins off ice who spent a lot of time with the adults.
* Having lunch with Charlie, Laurent, Tonia, who sat with us at our table!
* Reminiscing with Randy Gardner as his folks and mine knew each other way back when!
* Listening to Tai Babilionia describe her new skating line for adults!
* Talking with Charlie Tickner about jumps and competitions and posing for pictures!
* How Tonia Kwiatowski smiled when I mentioned that my husband also attended Baldwin Wallace College like her!
* Hearing that Liz Punsalon and Jerod Swallow still have our black and white checkered flags we waved for them after their performance at Munich Worlds, in 1991!
* The thrill and excitement of skating with Alexei, Jerod, and Ingo!
* Looking forward to seeing Mandy Woetzel and Ingo Steur in Gelsenkirchen, Germany for Sparkassen Cup!
* Getting encouragement from Liz Manley saying YES you can spin and not get dizzy!
* Riding to the Arena with Laurent Tobel and listening to him in the van!
* To one of our great drivers Ken Benson, I liked being in the front seat!
* Learning our group number and counting out loud our steps!
* Thank you Randy for choreographing our Adult Group Number!
* Thanks Pilar who led group #3 in the Adult Group Number!
* Having one of the best times in my life.
* To Group B a wonderful group of adults and skaters would really had a blast!
* "Group B Rules!"
* To Wendy, Lyndee, Dotty, Jo-Anne and Stephana, it was great to get to know you!
* Thank you Amy Webster for encouraging my skating!

Submitted by Claudyne Cassella Hutchinson

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